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3 Ways Wanclouds Lets You Move Freely with Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

Published on May 17, 2022

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Seamless Cloud-to-Cloud migrations among 3 different clouds.



Faiz khan

Founder & CEO

Although many organizations are still switching from on-premises to the cloud for the very first time. For many, their transition is now years-old. According to recent data from Wanclouds, nearly half of organizations (48%) began building or deploying applications in the cloud more than two years ago.
However, it's safe to assume that many enterprises’ priorities have changed in that time frame. The increase in cyberattacks and extreme weather events, for example, has persuaded millions of IT leaders to move to a multi-cloud strategy, given it lowers the risk of downtime and data loss. But this shift requires a trusted and seamless cross-cloud migration plan; something organizations have struggled to implement until now.

This is where Wanclouds steps in with a solution that allows for a smooth cloud-to-cloud migration process. With Wanclouds, migrations don’t have to be stressful and are handled with ease. Our reimagined approach is powered by our SaaS-based platform called VPC+ (available in both the IBM and AWS marketplaces), and backed by enterprise-level support to ensure a holistic and pragmatic approach that empowers faster migrations without sacrificing customer experience.

Knowing that time is very valuable and that the value of convenience is rising. Here are 3 ways Wanclouds lets businesses live and move freely across clouds.

1. Pay as You Migrate

Unnecessary expenses are a significant obstruction that many people experience during cloud-to-cloud migrations. In fact, according to McAfee, companies with fewer than 1,000 employees still run an average of 22 custom applications, and large enterprises with more than 50,000 employees run 788, on average. For IT teams already surviving on reduced budgets, that could be an incredibly costly and time-consuming migration.

Percentage Dollar sign showing the cost effectiveness of adapting Pay-as-you-Go model in Cloud migrations.

Wanclouds lets users pay as they migrate, offering them an all-inclusive per unit price. Users can migrate worry-free, knowing that their costs won’t get out of hand. This function has been proven to be incredibly successful. The customers reported more than 50% savings compared to other traditional migration processes.

2. Perform Multiple Migrations at Once

Performing a fast cloud migration is critical in today’s environment, where the cost of downtime is rising substantially. According to Gartner, this figure now sits at roughly $5,600 per minute on average and can rise to as much as $540,000 per hour at the higher end.

With VPC+ MaaS, users can easily migrate their infrastructure or individual components across clouds. With Wanclouds, this is something users don’t have to worry about. We enable organizations to perform multiple migrations at once, which allows them to save both time and money.

This means they can back up entire virtual private cloud (VPC) resources including network functions, security policies, Kubernetes (EKS, GKE, IKS, and on-prem Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters) through one centralized solution.

Alongside this, our enterprise-grade support ensures that migrations run smoothly and with the least amount of downtime. Using Wanclouds' Migration as a Service (MaaS), VPC+ reduces financial investment and resolves technical challenges that delay migrations.

3. Track Cloud Spending Post-Migration

The types of challenges that Wanclouds’ modern approach quench aren’t only limited to the migration process. Even post-migration, we make sure that our users are set up with the best chance to succeed and generate the greatest return on investment from their cloud journey.

A customer holding a card next to a check-list and tracking his post-migration cloud spend.

One of the most significant pain points experienced by our customers post-migration was cost control. 54% of IT leaders who were surveyed as part of our 2022 Cloud-Native Trends Outlook report that unexpected cloud costs have hit them. AWS customers, in particular, had long struggled to gain visibility into their spending in the cloud, which resulted in them unknowingly ramping up costs and having to pay off hefty bills.

Clearly, this isn’t the optimal cloud strategy. However, Wanclouds has come up with the solution to this reoccurring problem; we have created a system that allows AWS users to be in total control of their spending each step of the way.

Our Multi-Cloud Spend Visibility and Cost Optimization feature for AWS provides enterprise-wide spend visibility and cost tracking for all

  • VAWS VPC resources
  • Kubernetes (EKS) clusters and endpoints

This eliminates the sticker shock of unexpected cloud costs and supports them on their stress-free migration journey by giving them the tools to be aware of their expenses in real-time.

We’re proud to deliver a smooth multi-cloud migration process to our customers, enabling them to live and move freely across clouds. For more information on Wanclouds’ VPC+ SaaS application, or to book a demo, contact: or check us out in the IBM Catalog and AWS marketplace.

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