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Best Practices for your Cloud-Native Disaster Recovery Strategy

Published on March 20, 2022

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Best Practices for your Cloud-Native Disaster Recovery Strategy



Moazzam Shaikh

Marketing Manager

In a multi-cloud world, it is important to ensure that mission-critical workloads continue to function in times of crisis, and it's equally important to make sure that your data can be restored on-demand if a need arises.

Data loss can happen in a variety of ways: hard drive failures, ransomware attacks, accidental deletions or modifications, human error, or even physical theft. Hence resulting in costly downtime and affecting your business continuity, both in dollars and in reputation. Therefore it has become essential to programmatically track, backup, and easily re-deploy cloud-native applications in different regions within the same cloud or in a different cloud altogether on-demand in case of any disasters.

Here are some of the best practices one should keep in mind when planning their DR and backup implementations

1. Choose a reliable and suitable DR service provider

A skilled and expert cloud DR service provider will assist you in identifying the potential dangers your company/IT system might face and will provide what you need! It is important to not just worry about one piece of the infrastructure such as a database or VM but take a holistic blueprint of the entire setup, data, configurations, and policies.

2. Plan and prepare for the worst

Typically, most of the disruptions are small-scale and restricted to a selected area but one should always be ready to face the more serious and significant situation. A good practice for this is to line up frequent recovery points by adding full backups and creating manifold point-in-time snapshots or copies of your existing or saved data.

3. Periodically evaluate and update your backup and DR solution

Operational requirements tend to vary over time and so do legal requirements. An outdated backup solution might be ill-equipped to handle today's workloads.

Wanclouds has introduced the concept analogous to digital U-Haul but for multi-cloud, VPC+ DRaaS. Our Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service solution gives you the ability to discover, save, move, and re-deploy cloud-native workloads on-demand across clouds with just a few simple clicks. And all this without having to learn how to script or use new tools, as well as hiring expensive DevOps consultants.

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