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COVID Crisis & IT Infrastructure: The Quickest Way to Optimize & Save

Published on Sep 17, 2020

2 min read

COVID Crisis & IT Infrastructure: The Quickest Way to Optimize & Save



Zayad Malik

Business Development Manager

In this COVID affected world, most enterprises are struggling to cut costs and stabilize their businesses. What’s even more daunting is finding ways to cut costs without it affecting the core business activities or the people associated with the business. This brings an opportunity to take inventory and optimize your business to be the leanest, most-optimized, and the most-agile for the next era.

The lowest hanging fruit in this regard is your IT infrastructure. Enterprises generally have a bloated IT infrastructure that can perform better and cost way less when optimized the right way. If you are still running legacy systems with an extensive amount of maintenance and operational costs, you can start saving money today by migrating to the cloud.

The costs associated with running a legacy environment can quickly stack up and that burden can cripple your enterprise, especially during these testing times. Why let that become a problem when you can save money and resources by migrating to Cloud?

That is why most enterprises today are convinced that Cloud adoption is their safest bet. According to RightScale, 59% of enterprises are looking to spend significantly more on Cloud than they had planned prior to Covid-19. This is not only going to help them cut IT costs, but it will also help them serve their customers in the best way possible.

But enterprises still find it challenging to find the right expertise and resources to migrate to the cloud. As per another report by RightScale, around 75% of enterprises are challenged by a lack of expertise in adopting cloud. This, along with the status-quo migration processes, has made it a really daunting task for enterprises to start migrating and start saving money when they need to do the most.

Wanclouds to the rescue!

That’s where Wanclouds is trying to bridge the gap and its Re-Imagine Cloud Migrations drive with a Migrations as a Service approach. It allows us to serve enterprises and save millions by automating the whole migration process and partnering with them in a fully-managed way to make the process ridiculously quick and smooth. It allows us to assist them right from assessing their environment and advising them on the right cloud providers to discovering, translating, and deploying the entire environment on the cloud of their choice.

We also help you avoid any vendor lock-ins and get rid of expensive licensing fees that might be weighing you down, especially in the wake of COVID.

So even though cloud migrations can seem daunting, with Wanclouds, you can get migrated in days.

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