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Disaster Recovery, Visibility, and Compliance as a Service for AWS

Published on June 23, 2021

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Disaster Recovery, Visibility, and Compliance as a Service for AWS



Zayad Malik

Business Development Manager

As enterprises expand their footprint into the cloud to host mission-critical applications, it is imperative to have a strategy for disaster scenarios. Outages can happen due to human error, such as accidental changes to the infrastructure hosting their critical application. Also, as we've seen increasingly this year, it can be because of malicious activity such as a security breach or extreme weather events. In addition, cloud outages in particular regions can also occur, impacting the availability of infrastructure and resulting in potential revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction.

At Wanclouds, we have introduced a very simple, cost-effective, and comprehensive approach to disaster recovery scenarios. Our process doesn't require you to understand complicated scripting languages, and it doesn’t require you to be an expert on multiple tools to build your disaster recovery solution. More importantly, it eliminates the need for expensive consulting expertise while also saving time.

But enterprises who have expanded their presence on AWS or other clouds need to ensure that their cloud infrastructure stays compliant with the corporate policies. Examples of such procedures include proper tagging of all resources, tracking any unassigned floating IPs, or tracking security policies etc. Wanclouds Compliance policies can help enterprises create better operational controls with compliance logs and alerts.

Below are the key features of our AWS Disaster Recovery and Compliance as a Service for enterprise customers delivered through our SaaS application called VPC+.

VPC+ Discovery and Visualization:

  • Ability to add one or multiple AWS accounts along with S3 buckets.
  • Discover and visualize your infrastructure (VPC) blueprint and resources
  • This visualization comes in handy during troubleshooting sessions such as tracking security rules or VPNs or load balancers.
  • The below diagram shows a VPC with various resources and network functions and policies related to instances and subnets, etc

Disaster Recovery as a Service:

  • Discover EKS clusters
  • Backup VPCs and replicate or restore on-demand in any region
  • Backup EKS clusters along with persistent data volumes and VPC resources and policies to your S3 bucket
  • Restore EKS in any region in AWS along with saved VPC blueprints
  • Move Application across two clusters in the same or different regions
  • Restore EKS in existing VPCs in different regions
  • Flexible backups policies
  • The example below highlights how a VPC with all its resources can be saved and restored on-demand later and the following image shows an EKS backup snapshot.

Compliance as a Service:

  • Have spending visibility across all your accounts
  • Apply compliance policies to one or multiple accounts
  • View compliance logs
  • Get alerts for compliance violations
  • Below diagrams show spending visibility on per account basis and also cloud policies to track compliance

As highlighted above, with a few clicks, you can take control of your organization's use of AWS by adding all the accounts with our spending visibility, compliance policies, and tracking resources. More importantly, creating peace of mind by backing your infrastructure constructs, EKS clusters and having the ability to restore when you want it and where you want it.

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