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Disaster Recovery and Migrations as a Service for Google Cloud

Published on May 3, 2021

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Disaster Recovery and Migrations as a Service for Google Cloud



Faiz Khan

Founder & CEO

Wanclouds is focused on multi-cloud migrations and disaster recovery as a service solution. The solution covers various use-cases around protecting cloud VPCs, network functions, security policies, Kubernetes infrastructure, and enables customers who want to move from AWS to Google Cloud to do so through a simple and intuitive process. VPC+ by Wanclouds is a SaaS-based solution with multi-cloud integrations for enterprises adopting cloud or protecting and migrating their infrastructure across clouds.

Wanclouds’ approach is straightforward, cost-effective, and comprehensive, covering various disaster recovery scenarios while enabling application mobility across clouds. VPC+ app doesn't require you to understand complicated scripting languages, nor does it require you to be an expert on multiple tools or clouds to set up your disaster recovery solution. More importantly, we eliminate the need for expensive consulting expertise.

Below are the key features of our integrations with Google Cloud that any current or potential customer can take advantage of in as a Service manner:

VPC+ Discovery and Visualization:

  • Ability to add one or multiple Google Cloud accounts along with Storage buckets.
  • Discover and visualize your infrastructure (VPC) blueprint and resources
  • This visualization comes in handy during troubleshooting sessions such as tracking security rules or VPNs, or load balancers.

Disaster Recovery as a Service:

  • Discover VPCs, GKE clusters
  • Backup VPCs and replicate or restore on-demand
  • Backup GKE clusters along with persistent data volumes and VPC resources and policies to your cloud object storage bucket
  • Restore or Replicate GKE cluster along with saved VPC blueprints
  • Move Application across two clusters
  • Restore GKE in existing VPC or Different VPCs
  • Flexible backups policies
  • Translate and Migrate from AWS to GCP

Discover VPCs and EKS Infrastructure

  • Choose your Google Cloud account to Migrate to
  • VPC+ will automatically translate and transform your AWS Infrastructure to Google Cloud
  • Translate and transform your VPC blueprints from AWS to GCP
  • Translate and transform and migrate EKS to GKE with few simple clicks

As highlighted above, you can translate, transform, and replicate your AWS infrastructure to Google Cloud with a few clicks, making it very simple and easy for AWS customers to adopt Google Cloud.

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