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Disaster Recovery as a Service - Backup & Restore Your Peace of Mind

Published on March 17, 2021

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Disaster Recovery as a Service - Backup & Restore Your Peace of Mind



Faiz Khan

Founder & CEO

Wanclouds announces a Multicloud Disaster Recovery as a Service with a focus on providing enterprises with a simple and inexpensive way to create multi-cloud backups and restore them instantly. DRaaS is a reimagined approach to the traditional disaster recovery strategies removing complexities and providing a reliable and quick DR powered with cloud economics.

Disaster Recovery is a risky affair but enterprises generally do not think about it until, well - a disaster happens and they have to take every measure imaginable to do damage control. For most, the value of investing in a reliable disaster recovery becomes apparent only when it’s too late.

One of the biggest challenges of building a DR strategy is setting aside a huge part of CAPEX for building the necessary infrastructure and that is an expense that isn’t always quantifiable to be justified. That is why enterprises either don’t create one or just keep delaying it. But this is a space where delayed action is just as dangerous as inaction.

This is where the Wanclouds Disaster Recovery as a service comes to rescue. Now you do not need to build a separate team and dedicate infrastructure to have a reliable and compliant disaster recovery strategy. You can create and store on-demand backups for the servers or clusters you need and restore them instantly when needed.

Think of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) like your failsafe button right out of the box to protect you from natural disasters, downtimes, or ransomware attacks. Instead of spending millions building and sustaining a big infrastructure, you only pay a tiny subscription just for the servers or clusters you really need to protect and let us take care of the rest.

With Wanclouds DRaaS, you can:

  • Backup and restore your IKS (IBM Kubernetes Service) clusters
  • Backup and restore your OpenShift clusters
  • Backup and restore your on-prem clusters
  • Schedule backups
  • Recreate environments on multiple clouds and regions from your backed up clusters
  • See exactly what you are paying with detailed consumption reports
  • Ensure compliance

Key differentiator of the Wanclouds approach to Disaster Recovery as a Service is eliminating a lot of complicated manual steps and long-drawn engagements required to set up a reliable, compliant and quick-restore DR strategy. It also removes the need to learn new tools and scripts. And more importantly, it is offered ‘as a service’ and fully managed from A to Z.

Book a demo today and learn how you can make your applications flood, fire, and bomb-proof with Wanclouds.

We currently support IKS, OpenShift, and on-prem environments and are adding support for AWS and GCP soon.

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