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Freedom to Move Infrastructure, Resources and Apps across AWS and GCP

Published on May 1, 2021

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Freedom to Move Infrastructure, Resources and Apps across AWS and GCP



Zayad Malik

Business Development Manager

It’s common for consumers to switch mobile network providers based on the available service and the price of their cell phone plan. Indeed, it’s a simple process and can happen at any time with a simple request to the cell phone provider.

However, when it comes to different public cloud providers, there is a common understanding that once you deploy your infrastructure and apps in a specific cloud, it becomes complicated to move to a different cloud. This difficulty is primarily because of the differences in the implementation of the same functions in each cloud. For example, network functions set up such as load balancing and security policies, while also performing the same functions, are implemented differently across different clouds. Hence, the whole process of migration across clouds is cumbersome, costly, and very time-consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The freedom to move your infrastructure, resources, inter-resource relationships across clouds in seconds — without having to deal with the complexities, spending a fortune, or the pain of engaging expensive cloud consulting companies — has arrived. This is possible with Wanclouds’ VPC+ application, which creates an abstraction layer of existing cloud infrastructure such as a VPC along with its networking construct, network functions, security policies, instance profiles, endpoints, and more.

This abstraction of the infrastructure can be combined with existing backup technologies such as Velero for Kubernetes clusters or other solutions to create a complete and comprehensive blueprint of the infrastructure that can be restored, replicated, and moved across regions and clouds.

Wanclouds VPC+ creates cloud infrastructure abstraction of resources such as:

  • VPCs names, tags
  • Regions and Zones in public clouds
  • IP addressing
  • Subnets
  • Load Balancing
  • Routes
  • Security Groups or Host policies
  • Access Control Lists
  • Virtual Private Network gateway and setup
  • Public Gateway
  • Content Delivery Network or Caching Solution
  • SSH Keys
  • Resource Names and Tags
  • Virtual Machines profiles
  • Attached Storage volume profiles
  • DNS
  • Related endpoints

In today’s data management solutions, such an abstraction is missing as backups are taken of either individual machines, data volumes, or specific clusters such as Kubernetes clusters. Restoring any such backups requires and assumes that the infrastructure is ready, which is often not the case, thus restoring a painful process during disaster scenarios.

Wanclouds has taken steps to combine the infrastructure base abstraction with available Kubernetes backup solutions such as Velero to create a comprehensive use-case for modern applications backup and recovery not only in the same cloud but across clouds.

With the focus on simplifying the multi-cloud world for customers, Wanclouds has invested a lot of time and effort in creating infrastructure abstractions, and creating an intuitive user interface so cloud admins and DevOps teams can perform complex functions with simple clicks.

Below are some of the use-cases our approach covers.

VPC+ Discovery and Visualization:

  • Ability to add one or multiple cloud accounts from AWS, GCP.
  • Discover and visualize your infrastructure (VPC) blueprint and resources
  • This visualization comes in handy during troubleshooting sessions such as tracking security rules or VPNs, or load balancers.
  • Compliance policies and spending visibility

Backup infrastructure and resources and move across regions and clouds:

  • Discover VPCs, Kubernetes (GKE, EKS) clusters
  • Backup VPCs and replicate or restore on-demand
  • Backup GKE, EKS clusters along with persistent data volumes and VPC resources and policies to your cloud object storage bucket
  • Restore or Replicate GKE, EKS cluster along with saved VPC blueprints
  • Move Application across two clusters
  • Restore in existing VPC or Different VPCs
  • Flexible backups policies

Translate, Transform and Migrate across AWS and GCP:

  • Discover VPCs and Kubernetes (EKS, GKE) Infrastructure
  • Choose your source and destination Cloud accounts
  • VPC+ will automatically translate and transform your source Infrastructure to destination Cloud
  • Translate and transform your VPC blueprints across AWS and GCP
  • Translate, transform and migrate across EKS and GKE with few simple clicks

As highlighted above, with a few clicks, you can translate, transform and replicate your infrastructure across AWS and Google Cloud, which creates freedom for customers not to be dependent on a specific cloud provider

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