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Modernize Disaster Recovery, Backup & Restore Strategy for On-premises Environment

Published on October 13, 2021

2 min read

Modernize Disaster Recovery, Backup & Restore Strategy for On-premises Environment



Moazzam Shaikh

Marketing Manager

Disaster Recovery plan is to create a safety net for keeping your cloud applications, infrastructure, and your business running in case of unwanted outages caused by a cloud provider, security attacks, or self-inflicted events. It is crucial and sometimes mandatory for any customer-facing applications to have disaster recovery and business continuity strategy in place.

Challenges with Traditional Disaster Recovery

Traditional Disaster Recovery is complex, expensive, unpredictable, and inflexible - especially in hybrid and public cloud environments. Traditional ways of DR is to either create a parallel production setup which may not be required in every single case or take only backup of specific resources or objects resulting in very long recovery times during disaster situations. Moreover, traditional DR doesn’t allow for application mobility with all its constructs and blueprints such as network setup, security policies, configurations and data either across regions in the cloud or potentially across clouds.

VPC+ Disaster Recovery as a Service by Wanclouds

Wanclouds has introduced its offering called "VPC+ Disaster Recovery as a Service" (VPC+ DRaaS) to give you the same peace of mind but without the mounting costs, enabling application mobility, and avoiding unnecessary operational complexities. Hence dramatically improving the recovery point objective.

VPC+ DRaaS gives you the ability to:

  • Discover and Backup your multi-cloud infrastructure such as VPCs along with all the network functions, security policies, and endpoints
  • Discover and Backup your Kubernetes clusters along with VPCs blueprints
  • Restore, replicate your infrastructure across different regions and clouds
  • Restore and move your application across regions, clusters
  • Backup and restore your on-prem Kubernetes (Red Hat OpenShift) environments to cloud

All of this along with:

  • Automated backup policies
  • On demand application backup along with Vendor free backup cloud storage location
  • Low RTO/RPO based on the backup storage location selected by user
  • On-Demand Application mobility along with infrastructure components across regions and clouds

A complete Disaster Recovery strategy, ready to bail you out with a single click!

Only pay for what you need and forget about maintaining your backups on-premises. An ironclad, ready-to-go disaster recovery with pay-as-you-go pricing. And what’s better, all of this with cloud economics.

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