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Multi-Cloud Migrations & Management as a Service for AWS Cloud

Published on Nov 10, 2020

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Multi-Cloud Migrations & Management as a Service for AWS Cloud



Moazzam Shaikh

Marketing Manager

Wanclouds is pleased to announce the integration of its Migrations and Automation Suite called VPC+ with AWS Cloud. VPC+ helps enterprises deploy cloud infrastructure in minutes with its pre-built templates, migrate to and across clouds in an automated fashion, resulting in massive cost-savings and agility. It reduces and eliminates the dependence on long drawn consulting engagements, complicated manual steps, and the need to learn new tools to migrate your workloads or design/provision your infrastructure on AWS.

In addition, VPC+ helps you track and visualize your AWS infrastructure including network functions, security policies on an ongoing basis. All these capabilities are offered through our “Multi-cloud Migrations and Management as a Service”. The seamless and automated experience of multi-cloud migrations can give you freedom from vendor and cloud lock-ins and help you optimize your IT spend.

Discover, Create, Design & Deploy Your AWS Infrastructure in Minutes As soon as AWS account credentials are added, VPC+ will discover any existing VPCs across the various regions you may have and display them on the dashboard with its relevant resources. In case a new VPC needs to be provisioned, our pre-designed AWS Templates can be leveraged which are based on the industry best practices and common use-cases to get you started right away. The templates are simplified with powerful visualization for quick editing and it helps you create and deploy your infrastructure on AWS in minutes.

Additional templates can be created for future use as well.

  • Pre-defined templates include:
  • Two-Tier High Availability (HA) Application
  • One-Tier High Availability Application
  • Three-Tier Single AZ Application in Amazon VPC
  • Three-Tier HA General Application
  • Two-Tier Application

Migrate your legacy or on-prem workloads to AWS

If you are looking to migrate your on-premise infrastructure, content, and workloads to Amazon Web Services, we can get you migrated hassle-free with our “Migrations as a Service” offering by leveraging our VPC+ suite. Below are some examples:

  • Provision VPCs using our pre-defined templates or create your own
  • Migrate Windows and Linux servers
  • Migrate VMware VMs to truly cloud-native VMs in AWS
  • Migrate Files/Content from legacy Linux/Windows servers to AWS
  • Discover on-prem VMs profiles and migrate/provision it on AWS
  • Migrate MongoDB, Oracle SQL, and MySQL databases across various database flavors to AWS

Managing Your AWS or Multi-Cloud Environments

With VPC+, you can stay in-sync with your AWS VPCs, its resources, and components. You have the option to manage such as edit, add, update, delete resources from a single pane of glass. You can choose the resources that you want to add and provision these resources directly to your AWS environment with a single click. You have the opportunity to optimize, manage, and monitor your resources through a clean and intuitive visualization of your cloud network.

Templatize Your AWS Resources and deploy in other regions in minutes

Templates are a great way to save a copy of what you deploy so you can and reuse it for multiple deployments. You can keep multiple templates in handy and redeploy them at your discretion. You also get the flexibility to edit these templates, add or delete resources before deploying.


VPC+ leverages these features to reduce the complexity of migrating to AWS cloud migrations with the primary mission being to simplify and accelerate the migration process by eliminating the need for developing scripts. In addition, the VPC+ tool offers a single pane of glass solution to discover, manage, and deploy your AWS VPCs.

Ready to migrate to AWS? Schedule a demo and let us help you get migrated in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible.

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