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Re-Imagine Cloud-Native Data Management, Infra Visualization & Standardization

Published on October 15, 2021

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Re-Imagine Cloud-Native Data Management, Infra Visualization & Standardization



Moazzam Shaikh

Marketing Manager

Cloud deployments, migrations and protecting your cloud infrastructure are time-consuming and costly endeavors. It requires cloud expertise, tools, and experience. Moreover, managing and maintaining infrastructure across clouds adds to the operational challenges customers have to deal with. As an enterprise, whether designing and deploying a new cloud infrastructure, migrating from on-prem to cloud, moving across clouds, or setting up your cloud disaster recovery and compliance strategy, you need the right automation, tools, and a holistic approach.

On top of this, having ongoing and upto date visibility of your multi-cloud infrastructure and compliance guardrails are required to overcome day to day operational challenges.

Operational Challenges faced by Enterprises

The more cloud environments your organization uses, the more complex it becomes to manage them. As enterprises migrate workloads from legacy platforms to the cloud or attempt to move applications or data among cloud platforms, the frustrating interoperability of platforms becomes apparent. And as your infrastructure grows, monitoring of resources and billing becomes a difficult task, which results in enforcing compliance policies of resources becoming a challenging task.

Re-Imagining Cloud-Native Data Management with Wanclouds

Wanclouds’ Multi Cloud Management is enabled through its SaaS-based automation suite VPC+, providing a single pane of glass for managing and protecting multi-cloud environments through a centralized solution. VPC+ by Wanclouds allows you to monitor and self-manage your multi-cloud environments through its intuitive dashboard where you can very easily add, delete, edit, or create components of your environment and monitor them.

Below are some ot the highlights of VPC+ by Wanclouds:

  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Optimize your network devices, servers, and Kubernetes for best performance, compliance, and maximum uptime.
  • Powerful Visualization
  • Visualize your multi-cloud environments and get a granular view of your VPC and all its resources, and track policies on an ongoing basis across all your cloud accounts through our intuitive GUI
  • Standardization & Compliance
  • Create and Track your compliance against all of your cloud accounts and get alerts in case of any policy violation.

Bring down costs by leveraging your infrastructure snapshots or pre-built templates such as VPCs blueprints when restoring them on-demand in the same or different regions for testing, validation, and pre-production purposes.

All of this under a single pane of glass!

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