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Why DRaaS is the Right Solution for Small and Mid-size Businesses

Published on May 17, 2022

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DRaaS is the right solution for small and medium size businesses as its need will grow by 35% over the next 5 years.



Moazzam Sheikh

Marketing Manager

Some of the most innovative and tech-savvy businesses have emerged from the SMB market in the past few years. According to a recent survey by Flexera 53% of small and mid-sized businesses are spending more than $1.2 million annually per year on the cloud. That has gone up from 38% last year.

When you consider these companies are working with significantly smaller budgets than their larger counterparts, this is a somewhat surprising statistic. But when you think about the specific benefits that the cloud has for SMBs. It’s easier to understand why their IT teams are investing so heavily in cloud technology.

For example, the scalability of public clouds, in particular, is an excellent solution for SMBs with bandwidth problems. The cloud enables their employees to work from anywhere, which is a necessity to fix their work-from-home strategies.

But with this mass reliance on the cloud comes the need to solidify your data backup and disaster recovery strategy. Skyrocketing climate risks and cyber-attacks against SMBs highlight how crucial this is, with a data loss that no business can recover from.

However, SMBs don’t need to bust their budgets for an effective cloud-based disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions gives them all the protection they need for a fraction of the cost.

What is DRaaS?

DRaaS is a re-imagined approach to the traditional disaster recovery strategies. It eliminates the barriers for businesses that are seeking affordable, reliable, and fully compliant disaster recovery approaches.

Wanclouds offers disaster recovery as a service for businesses of all sizes through its VPC+ suite. It allows enterprises to manage on-demand cloud backups for the servers or clusters and restores them instantly when needed.

Instead of paying millions upfront to build a sustainable disaster recovery infrastructure. Enterprises can pay a fraction of the monthly cost of protecting their current servers and clusters.

For Small and Mid-size businesses this reduces the financial investment and technical complexities that often halt or delay them from setting up disaster recovery protections in case of natural disasters and cyber security threats.

VPC+ enables SMBs to get access to a comprehensive DR plan by only paying for what they need to backup.

According to the latest industry analysis, it is predicted that the global market for DRaaS will grow by 35% over the next five years!

A simple solution with multi-cloud capabilities for every IT level

One of the most crucial selling points for DRaaS and Wanclouds’ VPC+ solution for SMBs is its simplicity. It doesn’t require multiple tools nor does it require expensive expert engagements. It enables SMBs to discover and backup their infrastructure blueprints in minutes— without fuss.

A diagram of VPC+ which is a one-stop solution for SMBs to manage and protect their multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud) environments.

For SMBs with small IT teams or limited financial resources, the value that this gives them cannot be understated. VPC+ lets SMBs manage and protect their multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud) environments under a single pane of glass.

This means they can back up entire virtual private cloud (VPC) resources including network functions, security policies, Kubernetes (EKS, GKE, IKS, and on-prem Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters) through one centralized solution.

VPC+ has full integration with AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. Applications and infrastructure blueprints can be restored on-demand in different regions and across clouds.

Backup data on-demand before disaster strikes

Wanclouds VPC+ DRaaS solution provides SMBs with infrastructure-wide snapshots that can be restored on-demand to ensure business continuity.

Backup and protect your multi-cloud environments before disaster strikes

It also gives them the much-needed flexibility to schedule backups anytime for:

  • VPC and network functions
  • Kubernetes deployments
  • Linux servers
  • Critical workloads

It’s almost impossible to predict when a disaster might strike. But one thing we do know is that the frequency of data loss events is rising. Wanclouds’ 2022 Cloud-Native Trends Report found that 65% of organizations experienced at least one data loss incident last year.

In today’s fast-paced environment where business continuity is critical. The ability to backup data on-demand and restore it instantly is necessary. Wanclouds’ VPC+ DRaaS solution gives SMBs the ability to do this and peace of mind. They know that their data is protected and will always be available.

Backup data on-demand before disaster strikes

Small and mid-size enterprises have been historically underserved by legacy disaster recovery options that are costly and resource-demanding.

Wanclouds’ DRaaS solution, VPC+, gives every organization a simple and effective disaster recovery option in the cloud. It protects mission critical data, lowers costs, alleviates time-consuming management, and provides instant scalability.

Wanclouds’ DRaaS currently supports:

  • IBM Cloud IKS & OpenShift
  • Google Cloud VPCs & GKE
  • AWS VPCs & EKS
  • As well as Linux clusters on-premise or in clouds and will be adding support for Azure Cloud soon.

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