Wanclouds Partners with AMIGO to Help Businesses Accelerate Cloud Journeys in Vietnam

Zayad Malik on 4th November 2021

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, a leading multi-cloud SaaS and managed service provider, today announced that it is partnering with , the leading provider of IT services and solutions for personal financial services in Vietnam, to help businesses across the region accelerate their .

The agreement sees Wanclouds, whose SaaS-based automation suite enables organizations to orchestrate and manage , join forces with AMIGO at a time when enterprises are attempting to navigate the new hybrid work movement and converging cybersecurity and climate emergencies, which are causing them to rethink their data backup strategies. The direct connection with AMIGO’s turnkey IT solutions and world-class professional services, which include computer and server data centers, data storage solutions, and networking and security tools, will enable customers to manage, visualize, and protect their multi-cloud infrastructure with flexible designs and support to ensure success across their cloud journeys.

“We are signing this partnership to help our customers embrace the cloud as an emerging technology paradigm,” said , CEO of AMIGO.

“The extensive experience Wanclouds brings in designing, deploying, and managing cloud solutions workloads will be pivotal to achieving this. We look forward to using this partnership, and Wanclouds’ innovative VPC+ platform, to expand our product and service offering in the local market. Furthermore, we’re excited to leverage this as an important step in realizing our vision of being the most trustworthy technology service provider in Vietnam.”

Southeast Asia’s collective cloud market value is expected to reach according to IDC. Although largely dominated by Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, Vietnam’s digital transformation is currently contributing to a steady uptick in cloud adoption amongst businesses, with the Covid-19 pandemic . However, severe floods and other recent extreme weather events that have displaced millions showcase how crucial affordable and reliable disaster recovery is for businesses in the region.

Wanclouds’ and AMIGO’s partnership aims to eliminate some of the barriers prohibiting these businesses from doing this, giving them the resources they need to achieve hassle-free migrations, disaster recovery, and compliance.

“Our alignment with AMIGO is a huge step forward for us in our mission to expand our customer reach through partnerships with regional players in global markets,” said , founder and CEO of Wanclouds. “AMIGO has invaluable customer relationships in this fast-growing market, and together we can add tremendous value to our joint customers.”

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About Wanclouds

Wanclouds is a leading multi-cloud SaaS, solution, and managed service provider. It helps enterprises with cloud deployments, migrations, and protecting their cloud infrastructure in time and cost-efficient ways.

The company’s cloud (MaaS) and (DRaaS) reduce the financial investment and remove the technical complexities that halt or delay businesses from migrating on-premise to the cloud, moving across clouds, or setting up backup and restore protection.

Its SaaS-based automation suite provides a single pane of glass for managing and protecting multi-cloud environments through a centralized cross-cloud solution. Wanclouds is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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Established in 2005, Amigo Technologies Joint Stock Company (AMIGO) is a technology solutions provider based in Hanoi, Vietnam dedicated to providing IT solutions and services for various industries. AMIGO has a special focus on banking and financial services, public sector organizations, and small and medium enterprises. Solutions offered by AMIGO include data centers including compute and servers, data storage, virtualization, networking, security and uninterrupted power supplies.

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