Wanclouds’ Multi-Cloud Migration & Disaster Recovery as a Service Debuts in AWS Marketplace

Faiz Khan - CEO on 25th August 2021

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Multi-cloud SaaS and managed service provider’s VPC+ platform helps enterprises achieve hassle-free migrations, disaster recovery, and compliance available in AWS Marketplace

, a leading multi-cloud SaaS and managed service provider, today announced that its is now , the digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that makes it easy to find,test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This solution is designed to help customers navigate the new hybrid work movement and converging cyber security and climate emergencies, which are causing enterprises to rethink their data backup strategies. Companies can leverage VPC+ to orchestrate and cloud backups for the servers or clusters they need and restore them when needed.

Businesses can use VPC+ by Wanclouds, available in AWS Marketplace, to discover and track their virtual private clouds (VPCs) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) resources, including network functions, resource profiles, configurations, and security policies, before visualizing them. The offering also lets AWS users backup their production VPC blueprints, Amazon EKS deployments along with their complete resource profiles, data, and relationships, and restore them on-demand. Moreover, customers can backup and migrate their on-prem Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift to AWS with a few clicks.

“We are excited and proud to see VPC+ added to AWS Marketplace,” said Faiz Khan, CEO of Wanclouds. “This is a significant step forward for our company as we expand our mission to offer enterprises of all sizes on AWS a simple and effective multi-cloud migration and disaster recovery option that eliminates the need for dozens of complex tools, intricate scripting, and expensive consulting engagements.”

Additional key features of VPC+ by Wanclouds include:

Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Backup your entire VPC resources and EKS clusters to your Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets.
  • Backups are stored as immutable objects to guard against ransomware attacks
  • Restore or replicate your infrastructure on demand in the same or across different regions
  • Backup your on-prem or edge Red Hat OpenShift clusters to AWS
  • Restore your Red Hat OpenShift clusters back to on-prem, edge or AWS

Migrations as a Service

  • Discover and migrate Kubernetes cluster and VPC resources from other clouds and migrate to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Amazon EKS
  • Migrate your application across your Kubernetes clusters
  • Migrate your on-prem Red Hat OpenShift Clusters to Amazon EKS

Discover, Track, and Visualize

  • Discover and track all your resources across AWS
  • Visualize your infrastructure and resource relationships
  • Track your spending across accounts
  • Setup compliance policies against infrastructure and get alerts
  • Standardize and leverage ready-made best practices infrastructure templates for Amazon VPCs

For more information on Wanclouds’ VPC+ SaaS application, or to book a demo, contact:

About Wanclouds

Wanclouds is a leading multi-cloud SaaS, solution, and managed service provider. It helps enterprises with cloud deployments, migrations, and protecting their cloud infrastructure in time and cost-efficient ways.

The company’s cloud (MaaS) and (DRaaS) reduce the financial investment and remove the technical complexities that halt or delay businesses from migrating on-premise to the cloud, moving across clouds, or setting up backup and restore protection.

Its SaaS-based automation suite provides a single pane of glass for managing and protecting multi-cloud environments through a centralized cross-cloud solution. Wanclouds is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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