Wanclouds Launches Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021

Zayad Malik on 3rd May 2021

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, a leading multi-cloud SaaS and managed service provider today announced the launch of its at . The company’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) reduces the financial investment and technical complexities that often halt or delay businesses from setting up disaster recovery protections and ensuring compliance requirements as extreme weather and cybersecurity risks increasingly threaten business continuity. from the Uptime Institute found that 75% of enterprise IT managers and data center operators have experienced an IT service outage or downtime incident within the past three years.

DRaaS is a reimagined approach to traditional disaster recovery strategies and eliminates the barriers for businesses seeking affordable, reliable, and compliant disaster recovery approaches. By offering disaster recovery ‘as a service’, Wanclouds manages on-demand cloud backups for the servers or clusters businesses need and restores them instantly when needed. Instead of needing to allocate millions upfront to build and sustain disaster recovery infrastructure, companies can pay a fraction of the cost monthly for protecting their current servers and clusters.

“As skyrocketing climate and cybersecurity risks make business leaders refocus on organizational resiliency and minimizing downtime, enterprises of all sizes are looking for off-premise ways to implement disaster recovery,” said , CEO of Wanclouds.

“Unfortunately, small and midsized enterprises have been historically underserved by legacy disaster recovery options that are cost-prohibitive and resource-intensive. Wanclouds disaster recovery as a service gives every organization a simple and effective disaster recovery option in the cloud that protects mission-critical data, lowers costs, alleviates time-consuming management, and provides instant scalability.”

Wanclouds’ DRaaS is enabled through its , which provides a single pane of glass for managing and protecting multi-cloud environments through a centralized cross-cloud solution. Wanclouds customers can leverage VPC+ for disaster recovery to backup their entire virtual private cloud (VPC) resources, including network, compute, storage, as well as, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS) and OpenShift clusters. They can then restore it across different regions and other clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

Specific features of Wanclouds Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service include:

  • Instant implementation of disaster recovery via few simple clicks
  • Infrastrastructure-wide snapshots that can be restored on-demand
  • Flexibility to schedule backups on any timeline for VPC and network functions, Kubernetes deployments, Linux servers, and critical data
  • Ability to recreate environments on multiple clouds and regions from backed up clusters
  • Visualize infrastructure design and track consumptions
  • On-demand views of disaster recovery spend with detailed consumption reports

Wanclouds DRaaS currently supports IBM Cloud IKS and OpenShift, Google Cloud VPCs and GKE, AWS VPCs and EKS, as well as Linux clusters on-premise or in clouds and will be adding support for Azure Cloud soon.

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About Wanclouds

Wanclouds is a leading multi-cloud SaaS, solution, and managed service provider. It helps enterprises with cloud deployments, migrations, and protecting their cloud infrastructure in time and cost-efficient ways.

The company’s cloud (MaaS) and (DRaaS) reduce the financial investment and remove the technical complexities that halt or delay businesses from migrating on-premise to the cloud, moving across clouds, or setting up backup and restore protection.

Its SaaS-based automation suite provides a single pane of glass for managing and protecting multi-cloud environments through a centralized cross-cloud solution. Wanclouds is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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