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Benefits of a Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery

Published on January 24, 2024

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 Benefits of a Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery



Muhammad Abubakkar

Marketing Associate

Businesses must prioritize disaster recovery plans despite concerns about cost, complexity, or time constraints. They may also assume they are safe from disasters until they face one and realize how devastating it can be.

One way to simplify and improve your disaster recovery plan is to use a multi-cloud strategy. This means using multiple cloud providers or services to store and run your data and applications. You can benefit from using different cloud platforms, like scalability, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Importance of having a Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery

Data centers are the backbone of cloud services but are not immune to disasters. A fire, power outage, earthquake, or storm can damage the data center and stored data. When that happens, the IT team has to work hard to restore everything as soon as possible. Having a backup can make this process easier, but if there is no backup, then it’s a nightmare.

What if the cloud provider or virtual machine you use experiences an impact rather than the data center? These things can also go wrong; you might lose important data forever. That’s why relying on only one backup, whether on-premise or on the cloud, is risky. If something goes wrong with that backup, you have nothing to fall back on.

What is a Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery?

Multi-cloud disaster recovery involves storing and copying data and apps across multiple cloud platforms. If one cloud provider has an issue, we can easily move the work to another provider in a different place. Using multiple cloud platforms for disaster recovery can enhance workload availability and reliability and minimize data loss or corruption.

Advantages of Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery

Some of the advantages of having a multi-cloud disaster recovery are:

  • Multi Cloud disaster recovery safeguards data and services from risks that may impact a single cloud provider. This means you can have more flexibility in case of a security breach, price change, or service disruption. Using multiple cloud providers or a combination of cloud services ensures that your business remains unaffected by any issues. This approach mitigates the risk of disruption caused by a single problem.
  • Having more ways to recover your data and apps after a disaster can boost your uptime and accessibility. You can also leverage the different features and capabilities of each cloud provider to optimize your performance and reliability.
  • Using cloud providers in different regions and jurisdictions can help you follow rules like data privacy and sovereignty. You can also use encryption and other security measures to protect your data across multiple clouds.
  • To save money, choose the appropriate cloud provider for each task and data type. Avoid paying for unnecessary or duplicate resources. You can also take advantage of the competitive pricing and discounts offered by different cloud providers.

Challenges of Implementing Multi Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Managing multiple cloud providers: Each cloud provider has its own management portal, services, and skill sets. This can make it difficult to coordinate and monitor the DR process across different clouds.
  • Dealing with different VM formats: Each cloud provider uses a different on-disk format for their virtual machines (VMs). This can pose a challenge for migrating and restoring VMs across different clouds.
  • Ensuring data consistency and availability: Data replication and synchronization across multiple clouds can be complex and costly. If you do not properly back up and restore the data, there is also a risk of data loss or corruption during a disaster.
  • Operational Costs: Multi-cloud disaster recovery improves reliability and performance by spreading workload and data across regions and clouds. However, this can also increase the network traffic, storage space, and operational costs.

Execute your Multi Cloud Strategy with Wanclouds

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